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Covid-19 Emphasizes the need for people to have their medical records with them at all times

“As cases of the coronavirus mount and federal officials brace for community transmission, experts are pointing to an opaque system of inaccessible medical records as a potential obstacle in mitigating the spread of the virus throughout the United States.” Morning Consult

This opinion has been echoed around the world in the last few weeks by members of the CDC, WHO and many national health system administrators, including Morgan Reed, President of The App Association trade group and Executive Director of the Connected Health Initiative.

“If I’ve got my medical records, and whatever emergency room I step into can access my history, they can know my treatment regime instantly … It allows the physician to triage.”

Morgan Reed

The current outbreak brings the importance of medical record transparency into focus. Smoothing the flow of information can remove treatment barriers. Having your electronic health records can help promote the quality and speed of the medical care you receive.

Easily Accessible Medical History

Experts from Homeland Security to the Mayo Clinic agree that having your medical history immediately accessible is one of the top three items you need. Comprehensive portable medical records enable your doctor to quickly assess your level of risk, which enables you to receive faster diagnosis and treatment plans.

Additionally, COVID-19 has led to an awareness of the medical community and its limits to service the American public at a faster pace and in a more urgent fashion than ever before. President Trump’s changes to certain medical restrictions in an effort to empower the medical community means that the possibility that you are serviced by a doctor, nurse, telehealth professional who knows nothing about you and has no access to your medical records and history is now greater than ever before.

It is imperative that we do our part as citizens to equip ourselves with the ability to have our medical information with us in an electronic and usable format so we can easily share this information with the medical community – anywhere, anytime and in any language. 

Expedite Health Assessments

As a result of the novel coronavirus, people are learning that not having emergency medical records with them results in treatment delays that many cannot afford, especially those who have extenuating health issues. The doctors and nurses are trying to triage everyone. Unfortunately, the lack of medical history is significantly hampering their prioritization and treatment decisions.

We believe that people need to have their medical records and history with them at all times, for planned and unplanned events. It’s at the core of MyLifeID’s philosophy and the reason we exist COVID-19 vaults this need to the top of the list of why’s! Learn more about how MyLifeID can help you have more control over your medical history and how it can benefit you.

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