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College & Education Program

With pressure to keep enrollment up and retain students from admission through graduation, administrators are looking for ways to improve the student experience. The way educational institutions prepare their students for classes, college life and for challenges after graduation has become a more prominent consideration for potential students and their families. MyLifeID can help you enhance existing student services and improve student retention. Boost the overall effectiveness of your health and wellness program.

Ideal for student services at educational institutions of all levels from college and university to academies, charter, private and prep schools

College student retention

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Take Student Services to the Next Level

Increasingly, schools that do more than offer academic support attract more new students from diverse backgrounds. This may also help with student retention. With this in mind, the MyLifeID College and Education program can enhance your existing programs and potentially extend to a students’ family members as well as your Alumni. As a result, there are several benefits to adding MyLifeID to your student services.

Enhance student services, attract and retain students

Give Parents Confidence

Going back to the classroom, living in dorms, group events and other activities are intrinsic to college life. Today, it also adds more concern about students’ health and safety. By having a MyLifeID account, medical professionals can access a student’s health history quickly and easily when needed. Medical data commonly in the account can include:

  • Basic medical information, such as blood type, allergies, medications
  • Vaccinations
  • Chronic conditions
  • Past medications
  • Injuries
  • X-rays
  • Lab results

For students with a complex medical history, having immediate access to their information is critical. 

Enable Fast, Accurate Treatment

College athletes spend a lot of time on the road. Even if the on-campus clinic has all of their medical data, if they become injured at an away game, the information may not be immediately available. Young people typically won’t remember what shots they’ve had, medications or issues surrounding past injuries or their blood type. Instead of waiting until the family can be asked about the health history, medical personnel can ensure students receive the best treatment for the situation quickly.

Translate for the Local Language

Student exchange and study abroad programs are a fantastic way for students to see the world and offer incredible opportunities for education. They promote understanding the way people in other regions of the world think. However, if students become ill or are injured, treatment can be delayed due to the language barrier. Equipping your students with a MyLifeID account allows the records to be accessible in up to five languages simultaneously. Medical personnel won’t have to wait for a translation of doctor notes, reports or other information to understand the student’s medical history.

Provide Read-Only Access

Young children may see the school nurse for anything from an upset stomach or skinned knee to a bump on the head or fever. Parents can give read-only access to school personnel as needed. As children’s medical history grows with them, the staff can also stay up-to-date with medical issues. This helps ensure the students get the care they need in a timely manner.

Going Beyond Student Services

Our Group Benefits solution can help you improve the health and wellness program offered to staff and faculty. If you’re looking for a way to engage and encourage the involvement of your alumni, consider the MyLifeID program for non-profits and associations

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Benefits of a Health and Wellness Program at Your School

Each student has a unique background, from their cultural upbringing to their environment, behaviors, disciplines and more. The continued and consistent health of a student plays a key role in their success. Implementing a health and wellness program at school can be a major influence for student learning. Additionally, different schools have different levels of risk associated with them based on the age of the student, location, level of education and disciplines taught. 

Over 40% of students suffer a medical event while away from home:

  • Communicable diseases
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Traffic accidents & indiscretions

On campus infirmaries seldom have a complete understanding of a student’s health history. The consequences include:

  • Slower or mistaken diagnosis
  • Application of treatments or prescriptions with unforeseen side-effects
  • Medical mistakes

Incorporating MyLifeID into the student’s enrollment helps the student, their family and the school become more participatory in the health and success of the educational journey. In addition, it provides increased protection and better preparedness in the event of a health situation. Furthermore, schools can extend MyLifeID’s program to administrative staff and faculty helping to assist the entire school ecosystem.

The typical problems encountered at a school infirmary include:

  • Students don’t have their health records
  • Schools have limited information and resources
  • Delays to get health/medical records can take days
  • Student medical records may be in a foreign language
  • Doctors can’t wait for health/medical records to be translated

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College & Education Program Overview

improve your health and wellness programs

Schools are more challenged by student health concerns than ever before. Be prepared and protect your school, your staff and your students with the Group Benefit Program and our MyLifeID Non-profit and Association Program for your alumni.

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