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The MyLifeID™ card for consumers

  • The Next Generation of Personal Data Exchange and Privacy Control
  • Safe, Secure, Portable and translatable
  • On-Demand: Anytime, Anywhere

Travel planning can be stressful. You probably want to go someplace that has something for everyone, where the weather is perfect, and activities won’t break the bank, but some people travel for work too. Taking the time to do a little bit of research can ensure a successful trip.

Travel planning should also include emergency preparedness. Do you know the blood type, medications and allergies of everyone you will be traveling with? How will first responders get the information if you are unable to give it to them, especially if you are in a place where they speak a language different from your own?

Introducing the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™ 2.0!

  • This 32 GB credit card sized USB storage drive fits easily in your wallet
  • Can hold all of your health and medical data, not just emergency data – General health information, x-rays, emergency contact lists, prescriptions, complete medical history, immunization history and more!
  • USB connection ensures accessibility with any PC.
  • Store your data in up to 5 different languages for when you travel internationally
  • Carry it with you anywhere, anytime, in any weather, to any place – Even swimming in the ocean

Benefits of the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud

When you have the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud, your medical and health records, allergies, blood type, prescriptions, x-rays, etc. go wherever you go.

Have it accessible to first responders, or securely carry your records when you travel for medical tourism or to a new doctor out of network.

You’ll no longer need to wait for treatment until the “system” catches up with your needs. No more waiting for referrals because records need to be photocopied, mailed or faxed.

No more having to get all the tests done again by a new doctor because you can’t get the last results from your last doctor. Have all of your health data, right  there at your fingertips with the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud.

  • Have everything you need to receive accurate quick emergency care
  • Be able to replace lost prescriptions anywhere in the world
  • Have your medical information available in the languages spoken wherever you travel
  • Reduce duplicate tests and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Reduce wait times when being referred to other doctors
  • Know your children, elderly parent or spouse has their information with them in case of a medical event
  • Have all of your medical information in one easily accessible, secure place
  • Be empowered to control your health care
  • Be able to access your medical data in nearly any scenario
  • Accelerate treatments and resolve issues
  • Prioritize your treatment by having current information readily available


The Pocket Cloud is uniquely secure containing a proprietary code so if you reports the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud lost or stolen, any attempt to use the Pocket Cloud by someone else will cause the card to “Burn” wiping out and locking the device from further use.

You can receive a new Pocket Cloud device, enter your password and recovery information to verify who you are and resynchronize the data from the cloud archive to your replacement Pocket Cloud eliminating duplicate work and re-entry of data. All the while, you still have access to the MyLifeID cloud applications so you’re never without your data or the ability to receive service.

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