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Digital Health Passport

Countries have secured their borders from health threats by preventing people with certain health conditions from entering and jeopardizing the health of their citizens for hundreds of years. Until recently, checking travelers for these health risks was based more on a trust that people would voluntarily share their health information through the use of health declarations. However, several problems with this method have been well documented. Most notably, the success using a health declaration form is dependent on travelers admitting truths which often conflict with their self-interests. 

Individuals may not reveal information about their symptoms or exposure history or try to disguise symptoms by taking medication to prevent disruptions to their travel. 

Regardless of the information on a health declaration, the legal and regulatory authorities in nearly every country have the right to detain, isolate, or quarantine travelers passing through their borders. This makes it crucial for travelers to have documentation proving their health status. Even before COVID, countries had practices that prevented entry of “high-risk” travelers who suffered from a variety of conditions such as SARS, MERS, tuberculosis and measles.

COVID health declaration form

It’s estimated that more than half of all travelers will not admit signs of illness on Health Declaration forms or other screening documents making these declarations a matter of formality and of limited use.

Portable, Validated Health Records

MyLifeID provides a solution through the use of its MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™ which can be used as a Digital Health Passport, proof of a person’s health and as a method of providing necessary documentation of compliance such as Covid tests results. MyLifeID includes its own Health Declaration form which includes:

  • Passenger full name
  • City, State or Province, Country
  • Preferred contact method such as phone and email.
  • Questions about general health, allergies, prescriptions, vaccinations
  • Specific questions related to COVID-19, Influenza, tuberculosis and other diseases or conditions which may change from time to time, such as measles
  • Passenger self-acknowledgement
  • Validation by medical person and date updated

This Health Declaration can be printed or provided digitally before, during or after travel to as many companies, organizations and governments as necessary and in multiple languages making it useful anywhere in the world.

Expedited Travel + Additional Protection

A comprehensive digital health passport with recent, verified health declarations may expedite a passenger’s travel time by up to 16 hours depending on where they are in the world. Points of entry like rail and bus stations rarely have a suitable testing infrastructure. This which can lead to errors in screening, false positives and unnecessary quarantines. Having valid, verifiable information with a passenger can help avoid these issues. 

The MyLifeID digital health passport can help avoid: 

– Screening errors –

– False Positives –

– Unnecessary quarantines –

MyLifeID gives you this added level of protection.

The MyLifeID digital health passport health declaration includes a complete audit trail. Authorities can validate and comprehend the medical information with a greater degree of confidence. Travelers have the peace of mind and confidence to travel where they want to go.

 The CDC recommends that travelers should be transported to a pre-determined referral healthcare facility with known capacity to handle the condition as soon as possible after identifying a traveler with a health risk. This means you never know where, when or how you may be quarantined. Having your complete health records with you is crucial for receiving timely, accurate and appropriate responses to your particular situation.

Go Beyond Basic

We provide services to travelers that enable tests to be requested and conducted at any location before, during or after travel. Results may be transmitted to the appropriate authorities to remove potential travel interruptions.

MyLifeID’s Digital Health Passport and health declaration is included with its Benefit Plan which can be purchased as an individual or group. Contact MyLifeID or your local representative to learn more.

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Digital Health Passport Overview