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Healthcare and MyLifeID

MyLifeID is not just a solution for patients to have their complete medical history. It is a way for you as a member of the medical community to increase the accuracy of your diagnosis and treatments while reducing risk and expenses. With the healthcare environment changing as radically as it is, the chance you will treat patients you have never seen before is increasing dramatically. This is pushing stress levels of all in the healthcare field as they continue to strive for excellence while dealing more and more with non-medical influences. Medical record availability being one of the most necessary of the issues occurring.

Storage capacity, transmission times, record size and system incompatibility have created a cluster of breaking points in even the simplest of medical systems. Doctors are having to become IT Specialists to increase efficiencies and remove technology roadblocks so they can focus on their primary role. 

Hospital closures, clinics and practice mergers, telemedicine and other business-related issues complicate matters further and can lead to a complete loss of patient record access. Add in employer insurance changes, patients relocating for work or retirement and students going to school away from home and you have a perfect storm of roadblocks preventing the health community from having the information they need.

Doctors must be more comfortable with technology

MyLifeID solves these problems by aggregating medical, health, fitness and lifestyle information from multiple sources on patients creating the most comprehensive patient profile available and removing the technology concerns from the doctor’s workload. Complete auditing of information enables doctors to quickly review the data, determine the reliability of sources, understand impacts of events they may not have even been aware of in a patient’s life and increase accuracy while treating their patients. 

The easy-to-use, no training necessary interface enables members of the medical community to quickly understand how to find the information they need. No more having to read hundreds of documents, sort through dozens of notations made by the variety of doctors a person may see in their lifetime and seek root cause of an issue allowing them to treat the foundation and not just the symptoms.

Rural Healthcare

People who live in rural areas are used to having to travel to see a doctor or to seek treatments. Sometimes it can take an entire day for a patient to get where they need to go.  As healthcare costs increase, running a practice becomes more expensive and budgets tighten, less doctors, clinics and hospitals are surviving in rural areas. Reliance on paramedics, small walk-in services and general practitioners for everything puts increased stress and risk on healthcare. MyLifeID helps reduce those risks by easily providing all the information needed on a patient. As a doctor, you get a comprehensive view of your patient, even if you have never seen them before, or don’t see them often.  Enable your ability to treat your patients more accurately and effectively with MyLifeID.

rural healthcare

Home Healthcare

MyLifeID provides HCA’s and CNA’s who perform home healthcare or traveling nurse services a great way to make sure their patients have their medical records in case of emergencies or rotating staff.  Although it is often the same person who visits a patient, vacations, unexpected absences, changes in personnel and other events can change the health worker who makes the home visit.  

Having the MyLifeID solution gives the health worker the ability to review everything in advance of the visit and to incorporate the patient’s feedback and more.  Update the record real-time at the patient’s home and keep the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™ device with the patient for extra protection in case of emergencies, natural disasters or other events so they can get the right help even if not from you.

The medical community can incorporate MyLifeID into various areas of healthcare such as:

  • Concierge doctors
  • Clinics
  • Tele-medics
  • Insurance companies
  • Traveling nurses
  • Case workers
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Retirement homes
  • Halfway houses 

Organizations can use MyLifeID in a variety of ways from tracking participants in medical trials to patients simply having their information with them for peace of mind.

Incorporating MyLifeID into your practice

As more people become interactive or want to participate in their healthcare, the demand for access to their records is putting a strain on the administrative staff. You can reduce this strain by bundling MyLifeID with your services enabling patients to access their records without having to make multiple photocopies, mailing and other work. Some doctors, clinics and hospitals already use software which MyLifeID integrates with, so you do not need to do anything other than indicating to patients you support this product. 

You can also sell MyLifeID at your office or be an affiliate receiving recurring commissions on patients who sign up using your unique code. It’s a great way to assist your patients and add revenue for little effort. MyLifeID also offers it’s MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™ with branding so you can have your practice on the device reminding your patients that it was you who is caring for them.

Clinics, healthcare organizations, government organizations, non-profits or any other part of the healthcare ecosystem can also sell, recommend or bundle MyLifeID. The opportunities to provide better healthcare, reduce expenses and increase quality of life is endless with MyLifeID.

To learn more about MyLifeID for Healthcare, Contact your local sales executive or MyLifeID.