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Health care for the 21st Century
Take Control of Your
Medical Data
Share with:
• Who you want
• When you want
• No matter where you are
Health care for the 21st Century
Take Control of Your
Medical Data
Share with:
• Who you want
• When you want
• No matter where you are
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Home-Consumer Version

Our medical history…

Tells the story of our life.

The ups and downs; thrilling moments and events. In many cases, it shapes how we live, from what we eat to how often we exercise. We often seek medical care based on previous experience and what happened in the past may affect medical conditions in the future.

Health History of your life

The problem is keeping a thorough history of health issues. You may have had one physician as a child, but when you moved away from home, you got a new doctor, leaving your childhood records behind. 

If you have moved several times, changed doctors or added specialists, your medical history is scattered across medical practices and facilities in several states (or even countries).

Good stories are hard to tell with missing pages.

Welcome to MyLifeID™

MyLifeID™ is dedicated to providing solutions to access, aggregate and exchange data in a secure manner with personal controls and services that enhance people’s quality of life and safeguarding critical data.

MyLifeID™ provides solutions for many uses including:

  • Emergencies
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Tourism
  • Business Travel
  • Pets
  • Remote Workers
  • Leisure Travel
  • Security
  • Legal
  • Personal
  • Vote Processing
  • Digital ID

My Life ID card with USB connector

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Because Life Happens

Every day, thousands of people across the globe need access to their health and medical records. We have compiled real life examples showing how MyLifeID can help when you need it most.

Break Free of Limitations

At MyLifeID™, our priority is keeping your data secure yet accessible.

Use the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™ to transport health and medical records (EHR and EMR) for you or your clients on a highly secure, specially encrypted portable USB device that fits in your wallet.

Contact us to find out how we can help you meet your goals and take control of your information.


Enjoy the safety and security of having your health/medical information available to you 24/7. MyLifeID™ provides a simple and secure method to carry your information with you wherever you go in case of emergencies, when you travel or even just to change doctors.

  • Traveling for work? Driving cross-country? 
  • Visiting a foreign land? 
  • Having that procedure done in another country? 

MyLifeID™ lets you take your information with you and even provides for translations into other languages so any treatment can be more accurate and safe.

  • Sending your child to summer camp?
  • Are they going on a school trip?
  • To a competition?

Send them with their medical information.

Taking your pet on vacation with you? Have their immunization and other required records with you.

MyLifeID™ brings you peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you maintain control of your health information.


MyLifeID™ offers businesses a variety of options to sell, integrate with and incorporate its technology. Leverage the MyLifeID™ Hybrid cloud synchronization with the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™ device to make your data transportable and translatable.

MyLifeID™ keeps your data safe with its proprietary encryption methods and the highest level of security throughout its solution. Contact us today and learn how we can partner with you.