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Insurance Carriers and Brokers

Enhance Insurance policies with MyLifeID

MyLifeID is a product and service that can help insurance carriers and brokers in several ways:

  1. Assist in reducing duplicate and unnecessary costs
  2. Increase profits through enhanced and additional services
  3. Compete in the industry through superior products and client experience
  4. Provide better quality of care to clients

The versatility of the MyLifeID solution provides insurance carriers and brokers with ample opportunity to address specific concerns such as controlling costs, reducing wait times for their clients, protecting them in a greater variety of scenarios and most of all, adding value to their brand which can increase new customer acquisition and retention.

From an Employee Benefit or Wellness Program to enhancing different types of policies, MyLifeID can be adapted to meet the needs of the industry.  Contact us or call 702-832-0112 to learn more.

Click below to download the overview of MyLifeID for Insurance Carriers and Brokers.

Overview for Insurance Carriers & Brokers