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Medical Tourism has been around for centuries and originated with the idea that people may have to travel  from their homes to get the treatments they want from doctors in distant lands.  Medical Tourism has since adapted to this concept with considerations for specialties, expense, quality of care and more.

Medical tourism is not just travelling to other countries for treatments though, it can be simply traveling to another city in your home country. People in Vermont may travel to Boston, people in Las Vegas may travel to California or people in Ottawa may travel to Vancouver. Whether you are traveling a few miles or a few thousand miles, medical tourism is about making sure you can see the proper doctors for the correct treatments with all travel and care included in a single itinerary.  Many people travel around the world because treatments may be cheaper or more available or because they want to couple it with a vacation.  Whatever the reason, MyLifeID specializes in Medical Tourism with a particular niche for those with disabilities or challenges.

Medical tourism is becoming more accepted and its expenses may be covered in different ways depending on the insurance you have. Before you travel though, it is important that you work with reputable companies, doctors, clinics and recovery options. That’s why we are here. We provide the service providers you want and perform our own checks before we book you. 

Contact us or call 702-832-0112 to learn more or book your travel. We also book leisure travel around the globe so contact us for any type of travel!

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Travel Benefits Overview