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Travel is one of life’s greatest fun adventures. Whether you are a leisure traveler, travel for work or for medical reasons, travel can sometimes be more adventure than fun. Get the peace of mind with MyLifeID so you are prepared in case that adventure has health consequences.

The MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™ portable device can hold a person’s lifetime health history and medical records well beyond that of simple emergency bracelets or identification tags.

The MyLifeID solution enables people to have their health data available in up to 5 languages simultaneously. Having this information readily available is ideal for those who travel for medical tourism, work or leisure.

Features Include:

  • Functions online and offline
  • Has top-level security
  • Integrates data from a variety of sources
  • Can store X-rays, EKG and other medical images

“We developed this product for especially for those who love to travel. Receive medical attention at you convenience anywhere in the world.”

With multiple language support and expanding integrations with healthcare systems globally, it is designed for use throughout your life.

If you have employees, MyLifeID can be added as an employee benefit. Provide peace of mind for them while they lead your tour groups, provide services on cruise ships and more.

The MyLifeID Solution is Ideal for:

  • People who travel for Medical Tourism
  • Business travelers who are away from home from time to time and want that extra precaution in case of a medical event.
  • Leisure travelers who want the peace of mind that regardless of where they are, they can receive the proper medical assistance based on their specific situation.
  • Students who travel for competitions or who study abroad.

The MyLifeID Pocket Cloud fits in your wallet or purse, is the size of a credit card and has 32GB of storage space. The device is also specially protected and virus-resistant as only MyLifeID applications can write to it making it safe to plug into any USB port.

Get MyLifeID for yourself, your friends and family. Pet versions available as well!