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Welcome to MyLifeID

We enable people to gather their scattered, fragmented health information from all the different health systems and bring it together in one central location, quickly and with little manual effort. This helps ensure they are prepared for any planned or unplanned health issues. Our products and services can be used nearly anywhere in the world. Users have complete control over providing access when, where, and to whom they want.


MyLifeID benefits are a natural extension for most HR benefit programs. They are great for:

  • Leisure travelers
  • Business travelers
  • Children attending camp or college
  • Medical Tourism
  • Retirees who seasonally migrate
  • Anyone who has a health history and wants to take control of their healthcare

MyLifeID’s offerings can increase your benefits value and help to attract and retain

Let us show you how little it can cost to provide MyLifeID and how your people will find it valuable and usable!



About Our Founder

Our founder, Jeffrey W. Cohen, is passionate about healthcare and transparency. Learn more about MyLifeID and schedule a 15-minute introductory meeting with him to discuss how we can help your organization achieve your talent attraction and retention goals. 

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MyLifeID Products

MyLifeID health passport

MyLifeID Health Cloud

Aggregate all your health data (records) and have it accessible from anywhere, anytime in multiple languages

Health records available on vacation

MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™

Carry the aggregated health records with you on a secure portable device usable around the planet, no internet connectivity needed.

Digital Health Passport

Know the health risks before you travel. Updated travel alerts and notifications. Member upgrade includes integrated health records.

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