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Correct Errors in Your Health Record

The average person has approximately 132 medical files making up their medical records by the time they are 30 years old, according to Particle Health, HIE’s, Rosetta Health, and 1Up Health. These files often contain errors, conflicting information, or may be missing critical data.

Did You Know?

  • 70 million Americans

    The estimated 21% of people in the United States who have medical record errors.

  • 440,000 people die annually in the US

    The approximate number of people whose deaths may be the result of erroneous medical data in their health history.

  • 47 million US patients

    The approximate number of patients who are negatively impacted by these errors each year.

Medical record errors come in many forms:

MISSING data such as blood type, vaccination history, family history, telehealth or emergency room/quick care visits, prescriptions etc.

INCOMPLETE data such as a diagnosis with no supporting reasoning, notes referring to tests where the test results are not included or only portions of the test results are available, prescriptions for ailments not included, etc.

CONFLICTING data such as multiple prescriptions that cancel the effectiveness of each other (drug-drug interaction) or combine to make side-effects worse or deadly consequences more probable, wrong dosages, misdiagnosis or behavior modifications that appear like symptoms but are side-effects.

Do you know how to read your medical records to correct the errors?

How would you like to be one of the millions of people who rely on medical records you never reviewed just to find your records don’t include Blood Type or up-to-date prescription information you assumed was present? Now, in an emergency, you have to suffer from delays in treatment or treatments that aggravate your health, not improve it because of this!

Enter MyLifeID

MyLifeID solves the problem of medical data inaccuracy, incompleteness, and inaccessibility with the Comprehensive Patient Profile. We integrate your medical files from multiple sources and create a single comprehensive record. Your health history is now more complete, auditable, and reliable.

Through our proprietary technology, MyLifeID can identify missing, incomplete, and conflicting information enabling you to understand and then correct your medical records which may lead to better, faster, and more accurate diagnoses and treatments.

For only $99/year, you get:

  • The ability to add and update your medical files to the MyLifeID secure health-cloud for analysis.
  • Receive updates on what is missing, incomplete, or conflicting along with guidance on how to correct your records and distribute these corrections to your doctors.
  • Unlimited access to update and receive new reports as many times as you want.

You also receive:

  • An Emergency ID to put in your wallet or purse – Alerts first responders to your emergency-accessible medical data through the MyLifeID health-cloud
  • The MyLifeID Digital Health Passport – Enables you to check and prove your health compliance with different country, state, and local rules when you travel.
  • Access Controls – Enables your alternate contact, school nurse, travel partner, family member or others to have access to your medical information in case of a medical event.
  • Simplified record distribution – The ability to to distribute your record corrections to your doctors at the click of a button.

Get started in 3 easy steps.

  1. Purchase and register your account
  2. Retrieve your medical records in electronic form from your healthcare providers. We support several methods to do this so you do not have to manually enter the information
  3. Add your medical records to your MyLifeID Health Cloud.

It’s that simple!

Once you upload your records, MyLifeID will process your data into its system and begin the analysis process. Depending on how large your records are and the complexity of the information, it can take a few days for you to get your results but the account is immediately available for other uses along with your Digital Health Passport mobile app.

MyLifeID health passport MyLifeID™ Single User Online Account with Medical Record Correction Service (Annual Subscription)  (Blue) $99.95

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