MyLifeID launches MyLifeID launches a health screening solution for conventions and meetings

Helping to bring back conventions and meetings safely

 Las Vegas, NV – MyLifeID (, a health information management company has launched a health screening solution designed to help bring back conventions and meetings safely. The Attendee Health Screening Program is a non-invasive way for anyone in the MICE or event planning industry to encourage attendance and local community participation while acting responsibly and reducing health risks to all involved.

Attendees enter their required health information when they register online. Health details are never shared with the event staff and the host organization sees only a pass/fail for the health screening results. People are notified before they travel, alleviating the worry of being turned away at the conference doors.

“Reducing health risks from travel starts before the person leaves their home, not after they have come into contact with thousands of people midway through their trip!” emphasizes Jeffrey Cohen, CEO of MyLifeID.

Additionally, Mr. Cohen stresses that we should not be so focused on COVID that we forget about the other health risks that still exist, such as SARS, TB, Neuro-virus, measles and others that may come in the future. The MyLifeID solution addresses all levels of health risk, not just COVID. Information is gathered through a variety of sources and aggregated into a screening profile with validation of data sources and personal notations.

Some of the items the MyLifeID health screening program can track:

  • COVID test results
  • Risk Assessments
  • Vaccination history
  • Lab and test reports
  • Doctor and lab information for validation

No cards or chips need to be produced or carried around, eliminating attendees’ fear of losing or damaging papers or a certificate. It also reduces opportunities for fraud or fake documentation. Furthermore, it does not require that attendees have a smartphone like apps do, so it works for everyone, even in multiple languages.

About MyLifeID

MyLifeID was founded at the intersection of travel and healthcare and delivers a variety of solutions centered around healthcare information. Its main product provides a hybrid online/offline option using its MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™.  People in nearly any country and in many languages can have their complete medical history with them so they are prepared for any event, from replacing a prescription to addressing quarantines.

MyLifeID…All your health information in one secure portable device!

For more information contact sales at, or at 702-832-0240.