Trucking and Transportation

Addressing Fleet Management Challenges

Managing a geographically separated team and maintaining accurate communication with drivers adds complexity to fleet management. Truck drivers face some of the worst health and wellness conditions due to their work environment. Being on the road, often away from their home environment, it is difficult for drivers to eat healthy, get exercise and maintain a reliable sleep schedule.

Health-Focused, AI-Powered

Helping drivers maintain their health and seek time-sensitive healthcare when on the road is a key goal of the AI-powered MyLifeID solution.

  1. Drivers can have their health information with them regardless of where they are, even without an internet connection.
  2. Access controls enable others such as a spouse to review and maintain health information while the driver is on the road.
  3. Medical, health, fitness and nutrition records are in one easy to carry, secure accessible location with insurance, medical and alternate contacts.
  4. In-Case-of-Emergency information readily accessible for First Responders.
  5. The ability for these records to be available in multiple languages for international drivers.
  6. Reduce wait times, testing and downtime when needing healthcare while in transit.
  7. Reduce driver’s out-of-pocket expenses for duplicate or unnecessary tests by having up-to-date test results, copies of lab results, prescriptions and other information readily available.
  8. Drivers can have their health information with them regardless of where they are, even without an internet connection.

For Small to Large Fleets

For an Owner-Operator or HR manager of a transportation organization, MyLifeID is a valuable asset to keeping your drivers healthy and maintaining their productivity.

MyLifeID offers its solution with bulk pricing for larger organizations and does not require pre-qualification exams.

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